Friday, 7 March 2014

DIY SOS Makeover After Shots

If you want to catch the episode of DIY SOS featuring my wallpaper, fabrics, toys, posters and cushions, you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer (UK only).

For anyone outside the UK, visit their before and after gallery where the whole makeover can be viewed.

The room in the top photo featured my Pink Elephant wallpaper, my Daisy Chain fabric blind, some custom designed posters, and 2 patchwork elephant cushions.

The room in the bottom image featured my fabrics used to make bedspreads, cushions and a tulip blind (out of shot) and 4 of my dachshunds.

The colours looked amazing on screen and I was so, so pleased with how everything turned out (not to mention how lovely it was to make some sweet little girls very happy!)

My wallpaper can be bought here and fabric collection from the programme here
$ convert automatically with a PayPal account, however I'm still on the lookout for a UK supplier!



Josie said...

I shall watch it again on catch up. It was lovely (and well deserved) publicity for you and even more lovely that it was for such a sweet family x

Danielle said...

alice this is SO COOL!! I remember you telling me about this.. i know you're thrilled to finally see it all come together on TV! :D That GIANT elephant wallpaper is AMAZING. Congrats!

danielle thompson

alice apple said...

@josie thanks for your support! x

alice apple said...

@ danielle: Thanks so much! I never would have thought to make the elephants so huge...Gabrielle (the interior designer) is a genius! xx

Sue Vaughan said...

I had recorded this show and watched it yesterday (without knowing you were involved) As soon as I saw the room it sang Alice Apple. A fabulous room (wouldn't mind it myself) What a lovely project to be part of, it brought tears to my eyes. You must be feeling super proud :)

Ruth Wheaton said...
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