Sunday, 19 January 2014

Printable Model Village

My new printable kit is now available!

It's a paper toy model village for you to print and make in the style of North European architecture. It includes red roofed houses from Germany and Scandinavia and there's even a Dutch windmill with turnable sails!

It's easy to make and great for the little ones to use with their toy figures and cars. You could even cut around the doors to make them open, cut out the window panes and place the models over led tealights for a cosy nightime scene!

Available now here!


Daisy Jones said...

That is a very clever idea and so appealing to all....
bestest wishes
daisy j x992695322525

Emma Clement said...

That's adorable and I love the windmill :)

Nadine Briscoe said...

I LOVE rainy day cut out and keeps!! This is gorgeous!!