Saturday, 27 October 2012

fabric joy!

Words can't express how beautiful this vintage fabric is. When it arrived this morning I was met with an eyeful of crisp, vivid colour, as if its come direct from the factory! Its got to be my new favourite fabric...I'm almost afraid to cut into it!

I've also noticed a bit of a recurring 'tile' theme developing....
my vintage 70s curtain which hangs over my roof terrace door
my wallpaper on spoonflower

my fabric on spoonflower

my digital papers for kitschy digitals

my vintage graziela wrapping paper


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Yikes and wowzers!!!! That fabric's amazing, I love it. Also love that Graziela wrapping paper, it's so lovely. And all your designs of course! I've got one of those curtains in the 2nd photo, love it so much - I want to hang it in my kitchen doorway but we've got a puppy and I'm frightened that he'd chew it so I'm saving it till he's older and wiser! x

AvMeg said...

Lovely :)

bee @ thelinencloud said...

Very purty ... love all the designs you've featured ... yours and everyone elses ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee x

Bungalowgirl said...

That fabric is gorgeous and I love your new wallpaper designs too, keep it up, you are on a wonderful roll. mel x

Curtain said...

The fabric joy is hown hre. Have a look at it