Tuesday, 28 August 2012

etsy - a few more dachshunds

I've added a few more mini dachshunds to my Etsy Shop.  There are only a few left before I go away on Thursday this week, plus only 1 Peggy Doll left! A big thanks to all my customers for your purchases :)


Marianne said...

My favorite of the 8 pictured here (the green one) was still left in your shop so now it's coming to Denmark to live with me. :D
My sons will probably try to claim it but I think they'l only be allowed to borrow it. :)

alice apple said...

Thanks so much! He'll be joining you in Denmark very soon :)x

Anonymous said...

Hello Alice,
I'm just wondering if you have any dachshubds left to purchase! They are simply adorable, I LOVE them!!
Thank you,

litsje said...

I luv these, I have a small little adorable daschhound myself.... the cutest four by four by far on my side of the world

marĂ­ V said...
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