Monday, 30 July 2012

loose ends

large double bedspread for my bedroom

appliqued cushion cover

single patchwork quilt for my son's bedroom
This weekend I found myself tiding up a few projects, some of which I started about a year ago(!)

I finished our bedspread by using an eclectic mix of randomly placed pretty floral fabrics. In contrast, my son's quilt was a bit more of a challenge.  I don't have many boys fabrics, but I'm pleased he really liked the ones I used :)

The little cushion cover has been appliqued with my "Folk Bird" design...I feel a few more of these coming on!


Henna said...

So so beautiful blog, absolutely love your style and colours ♥ :)


Junette said...

Gosh! That bedspread for your bed is totally crazy. What a wonderful collection of fabrics you have used.

alice apple said...

Thank you both:) I do enjoy mixing my patterns, I can't seem to stick to one colour a bit carried away with this one! x

Lotten said...

Ohhh thats looks amazing to me! Thankyou for the inspiration to finnish my quiltproject...

alice apple said...

Your welcome Lotten:) I'm inspired by your work too!