Wednesday, 4 January 2012

dutch gables and a big blue house

dutch gables
First of all a very happy 2012! This is a new design inspired by my nostalgia for Holland. I've always admired the architecture there and I feel so lucky to have family in The Netherlands who I look forward to visiting later this year.
Once they arrive on fabric (as well as a larger scale "blue house"), I'll be making them all into individual house shaped cushions for my Etsy shop!


Marianne Norup - Dig-Mig said...

I love the houses from Amsterdam!! Lived there for 12 years and wouldn't have left if they all looked like your houses.

unilaulu said...

I spent my holiday in Holland and I was amazed of all the buildings.. so lovely! These prints are amazing, house cushions would be lovely memory from Holland. :)