Friday, 19 August 2011

Alice Apple Dachshund Toys - Schoene Spielsachen

My handmade dachshunds are now available on a great new German based website "Schoene Spielsachen" where you can see my dogs in action! and find loads of stylish children's toys.


Adriana said...

Very cool.

henny designs said...

These are lovely, Alice. I remember having something similiar as a child. Your fabrics are super!

Schö said...

Hello Alice,

thank you for the presentation our new webside.
Kind regards, Tobias (Schö

green glamour said...

Just visited the fab shop INC ,had to say to you Ilove the dachshouds so very much I will be buying myself one for mothers day.I lived in Totnes many years ago. well thanks great fabrics to .i took lots of photos in the shop so i will put a pic of youre dogs on whn i get a mo.