Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hot Dog Sale!

Mini Dachshunds were £12 now £9.50!

Large Dachshunds were £18 now £15!

Crocheted Bunnies were £10 now £7.50!

The lovely sunny weather we've been having lately has inspired a special Easter break sale in my Etsy shop. Grab them here!


String said...

Thank you for my gorgeous sausage dog Alice! I love her. I have wanted one of your dogs for a long time now-ever since I first spotted them in Winter's Moon.

Alison - Belovedly said...
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Alice said...

How funny, browsing the net, i've found you: Alice Apple, found by Alice in the Appletree!

I love your fabrics, will be al follower and show the dutch Bloggers your Blog!

Gr, Alice Appletree

Paty Bello said...

Since I'm too far from UK, I'd like to know if you sell the dachshunds pattern or if I can find it in any book, because I really wanted to make some to my dogs!