Wednesday, 9 March 2011




Danish Tulip Blue

Danish_Tulip Pink

Whenever I have a bit of spare time there's nothing I enjoy more than playing around with pattern and colours on Spoonflower. I tend to find a limited palette has the most effect.

When I've earnt a few more "spoondollars" in my fabric shop I can order a samples then make them available for the public to purchase!


Inspiredbyfelix said...

These are gorgeous, I particularly love the kitcheny ones! Just discovered Spoonflower and managed to order a whole yard of labels with my logo on for my cushions - I'm really impressed with the website! Have you ever had anything stopped by customs though, for import tax? this happened to me with another US website and it's put me off doing bigger orders...

alice apple said...

Thank you!!
Yes, you may get caught out with customs if you make a large order i.e. over the value of £18...a real pain I know!

Pomme de Jour said...

I love the kitchen fabric, in fact they are all fab !

virginia said...

love the colour combo second one down, the bright pink/mustard/olive works so well, I am looking at colour palettes for a new design so seeking inspiration!

Handmade by Emily said...

Oh wow, I really like the blue, purple and green one at the top. That print looks great.

Emily x