Friday, 25 March 2011

More pattern!

Apple_Daisy_blue hue


daisy turquoise

daisy pink

pear_flowers pink

pear_flowers blue

pear_flowers blue hue

pear_flowers pink hue



At a time when I should really be getting my sewing done, I can't help creating and playing with yet more surface pattern and colour. If money was no object I would order all of them from Spoonflower just to see how they look on fabric!


Jane Foster Blog said...

they're stunning!! x

night owl said...

Love love love...

Inspiredbyfelix said...

Gorgeous! in love with the pears and purple flowers, would definitely order some of that from Spoonflower for my cushions!

Ellen Giggenbach said...

I like your style, i'm a big fan of mid century design too!

sean the prawn said...

I could you point me in the direction of the software program you use to create your textile designs. I majored in textile design at art/design school but we did everything by hand back then.. I need to get with the times.