Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Fabrics - Available Now!

My fabric samples arrived the other day. I'm especially pleased with the "Daisy Chain" fabrics. I'm going to make some little items with these samples, not sure what yet! Apologies for the poor photography, the colours are a lot more saturated in reality but they look a little wishy washy here... I don't think my camera can cope with the crazy colours!

All these fabrics are now available to purchase from my Spoonflower shop here.


Liz Varley said...

Shall definitely be purchasing some, need new cushions - in fact need to recover all my chairs as well - but I'll put that off for a while!

magic said...

love them, very colourful x

Groovymama said...

These are beautiful and so is your blog and all the things you make. I'll be stopping by again, for sure.

Best wishes,

sinkingonbrink said...

These are lovely!
Just want to mention that I have nominated you for the 'Stylish Blogger Award' on my blog There's no prize, its just a list of favourite and much loved blogs really and could improve blog traffic.
best wishes
Lucy (Lucy loo's)

moetjatja said...

dear alice, I posted a blogmessage about your fabrics, please have a look. Liefs hinke