Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Arrivals!

The twins finally arrived on Thursday 30th September. They were a little small so we had to stay in hospital for a week - Daisy 5lb 12oz and Lotta 5lb 4oz. Both are well and settling in nicely at home.


Amy Hauschild said...


beautiful girls and pretty names, have fun getting acquainted!

:) Amy

Flutterby Patch said...

Congratulations, how wonderful. Those sweet little head are dreaming of all the lovely clothes mummy will be making in the years ahead.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

CONGRATS!!! They are so sweet! A double blessing! =)

Jayne Schofield said...

Congratulations...they are adorable...enjoy !!

Popalulu said...

Congratulations Alice, they're definitely your best 'make' so far!! They're perfect.

louise35flower said...

Oh they are absolute perfection, congratulations!

Jane Foster Blog said...

Hi Alice,
Congratulations!! They're soooooooo sweet! I can't wait to see you all!
Lots of love

Frøken Paris said...

Just fund your blog via your Etsty shop, I love your work! And congratulations with the twins! They look perfect. Hope we will see more of the lovely baby retro stuff you make in the future!

Cheryl said...

Congrats!! You're going to be really busy now so I need to buy from you before you run out of energy and stock! ( I know I have baby no 3 a 4month old!)
Will order now, all the best for the future with your gorgeous gals!

Design Rocks!

orange you lucky! said...

Congratulations Alice!!!
They look beautiful!... and the names are perfect!
Good luck... with sleeping and all. I hope these two grow up to be a design duo... All the love to you:)

bowie style said...

they look so sweet - daisy is my favourite name for a little girl and lotta is the perfect name for a future designer.

Mrs Twins said...

Congratulations Alice!
OOh your babies are adorable.
I have just found your blog through Flutterby Patch who has just visited my SIBOL bLOG.
You are certainly going to have your hands full now.
My twin daughters are 24, such lovely girls.
Best wishes to you and be happy with your babies.
Love Suex 'Mrs Twins'

Jumie said...

Your Baby-Girls are so so so sweet!!!
Thank you for this wonderful foto.
Your Blog is very nice !!

Graça Paz said...

Amazing present from life*

Blueberry Park said...

Congratulations, Alice! I hope you and your bundles are getting on great. Daisy and Lotta...what adorable names x