Thursday, 9 September 2010

Handmade for babies

I am currently pregnant with twin girls, so I am taking the opportunity to make as many things for them as possible while I have the chance! I crocheted the duckling from a great pattern book called "Amigurumi World - Seriously Cute Crochet" by Ana Paula Rimoli. The same book can be found here on Amazon and her products and patterns are also available from her lovely Etsy shop here. The bunny pattern is also from her book, however I changed the ears and face to make it more "Miffy" like.

I made the pram blankets with some vintage fabric from Germany and some micro polka dot green fabric at the top to lengthen them.


Lucy Joy said...

oh wow congratulations!! The bunny is soo cute!!

Alice Lynch said...

these are seriously adorable! and congratulations :)